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My images are fine art Giclée and dépagi prints with my newer work being oil on Giclée. You may find some of this work disturbing but some of these images tell the story of our people others war or politics. History is disturbing. There are things we must never forget. Freedom is something we must never forget and the sacrifices made to keep that freedom. We must continue to fight for the right to live free and at the same time, we must not deny others the freedom we hold so valuable. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion freedom of expression and freedom of the arts are rights we must afford foe as well as friend. My personal views can be better understood in An Open Letter to the President

My books:


Run Amuck Solar Energy Con Reflections in Poetry Chue's Trip

Squirrelly Squirrel

In Association with Associate


Environmentalism and Government
Run Amuck

Is Obama's New New Deal doomed to fail?

the Solar Energy Con

Is solar energy really what
it's cracked up to Be?
Or is it
the con of the century?
You be the judge.
Exposed is one Woman's
heartbreaking tale of
living Off the utility grid.

Reflections in Poetry
An intimate glimpse into the
soul of Native American poet
Tiffany Montano



Chue's Trip

Chué empowers your children
to stand up for themselves.
Chué and his friends are
playing in the Amazon Forest
when they come upon an inviting
pile of seeds which send Chué
on the greatest adventure of his life.

Dedicated to Polly Klaas



Squirrelly Squirrel

Where will the next generation
of environmental activists come from?
Squirrelly Squirrel and the other
forest animals come together
to fight for their homes.


Side note:


Help us repatriate Geronimo. According to this story about the secret Skull and Bones Society (an intimate peak at the US Ruling Class) Geronimo’s skull is with these people. If, after reading this story, you are as appalled as I am, we ask you to express your opinion to President George W. Bush and ask that he personally take responsibility to return Geronimo to us. This has gone on long enough. We want his remains returned.

Show your Support for Real Energy:

On June 26th 2006 my dog BooBoo died from water intoxication because living on solar energy I was unable to keep him cool. When I began to crunch the numbers I documented the fraud that the environmentalists have perpetrated on the American public. I challenge you to read the information I have put together for you. After you read this, make up your mind for yourself and I urge you to write your legislators.


BooBoo Spirit of Samson

Gone But Not Forgotten.  A tribute to a special friend BooBoo. 

If interested in buying any of the art on these pages you may call me at 707-998-9607 or email me.  

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